Hose feeders

Hose feeders and robots for industrial heat exchanger cleaning.

Hose feeder is able to feed one or more hoses/lances at the same time. Hose feeding robots and lance feeding machines are used to clean large heat exchangers Suurten.

Tank cleaning units

Tank cleaning units for cleaning large industrial tanks from inside. Tank cleaning unit is lowered in the tank using high pressure hose or positioning units. Unit is rotating nozzle holder and it self cleaning inner surface effectively even of hard materials. Tank cleaning units max working pressure is 1600 bar and flow rate 500 l/min.

Surface cleaners and rotor heads

Removing surface material from large areas. We have wide range of surface cleaning units from small hand held units to large ship paint removing units and surface cleaning units.  Surface cleaning units are equip with under pressure suction line. Suction hold unit tight in the surface and transfers removed material away from working place. We sell also rotor heads for jetting guns. Rotor heads are used to roughen, cleaning and demolition of surfaces.