Jetting guns and footswitches

Direct flow jetting pistols

In this solution pressure loss in hose conetion is reduced and gun is slightly lighter. There is also less parts which needs maintenance.

1000-3000 bar jetting guns

Electronically or mechanically controller surface cleaning and Concrete demolition pistols. These are available for high- and ultra high pressure with different lance lengths.

400 bar jetting guns

Roof cleaning and graffiti removal. This model is designed for superficial cleaning. It's suitable for graffiti removal and surface cleaning when there is no need to dig very deep.

Footswitches and -valves

Electronic and mechanic foot-operated control devices.  Our selection includes electronically controlled footswitches and mechanically controlled foot-operated valves. The switch controls the incoming water flow from the pump and cuts the feed when foot lifts off the switch. The latest HSL (High Safety Level) footswitch models satisfy all european safety norms. Said models have a two-stage protection against unintentional triggering.