We gave Hammelmannin, DERC Salotech, StoneAgen and MVT nozzles in our nozzle selection.

Our selection have right tools for sewer-, surface-, pipe cleaning and opening/polishing and material cutting. We also have wide range of nozzles for which are use in paper mills. We can also help you to choose right nozzle for various purposes.

When ordering a nozzle we need to know purpose, working material, pressure and flow of your pump.



Fixed nozzles

Special nozzles are tailor maid by DERC Salotechin for us in Holland according the customers needs. Nozzle holes, amount and direction is designed for the customers work. Nozzle design is optimized for certain flow and pressure.

Rotating nozzles

We have wire range of polishing and unpluging nozzles. Rotating nozzles are good for polishing pipe inner surface specially if hose rotating unit not available. Water pressures is rotating then nozzle which cleans inner surface evenly. Because part of the feed water pressure is used to rotate the nozzle the actual processing pressure is slight lower than in fixed nozzels.

Diamond and ceramic nozzles

Ultra high pressure demolition nozzles! Even the hardest metal and sapphire might wear out quite fast using high pressures and efectivity of work suffers. Nozzles manufactured with ceramic or diamond fittings will last greater time and maintenance period is longer.