Protective wear

We represent protective clothing from TST Sweden for high pressure water jetting.

In-addition of protecting wear of high pressure jetting we also proved protective clothing for working in high temperatures, cooling west’s and protection for hazardous chemicals.

For working with high pressurized water can be dangerous. High pressure water coming out from blasting gun might have greater speed than a bullet. Our protective clothing is made of world hardest fiber material Dyneema and certified working up to3000 bar pressure.

Cooling west

We have cooling wests for working in hot environments. Working of cooling west by TST Sweden is based on chemical reaction. Cooling capsules doesn't need electricity to load. Capsules are loading in normal room temperature by it self.

Foot protection

We have several models of foot protection up to 3000 bar. In our selection we have special boots and gaiters which are protective covers for boots.

Hose aresters

High pressure hose connections has to be secured! When connecting hose or swivel connection to jetting gun, connection has to be protected with hose protection sock. Otherwise leakage can cause great danger. Also hose to hose connections has to be secured either nylon or metal hose aresters.