Representing Hammelmann – the most reliable high pressure pump on the market.
With years of experience, our customers select Hammelmann – time and time again. Hammelmann pumps have the longest service intervals on the market as well as very competitive prices.
Our selection of pumps certainly covers all your high pressure work needs from the small 10 kW pumps up to the large 1100 kW pumps / 4500 bar.


Diesel-powered units

In addition to pumps, we also offer complete diesel-powered pumping units. Diesel-powered units are delivered either installed on an installation platform or as a complete container bundle. The container-bundled deliveries are tailored either in the factory or by our subcontractors in Finland, to match the customers needs.

Electric units

We also offer electric units for fixed-installation to industrial plants. Electric pumping units can be outfitted with frequency transformers, which enable unit control by the ES2 control device (familiar from diesel-powered units).

Hot-water units

Now available: Gas-powered (LPG) hot water unit. The energy-conserving hot water scrubber (110C - 1000 bar - 20l/min) utilizes the engine-produced heat to warm up the water. This conserves the energy normally needed for engine cooling, approximately 30 kW.